We have a wide range of attachments for machinery.




High dump bucket

General applications bucket

Std. bucket with teeth

Mixing bucket

Ditch cleaning bucket

Bucket with jaw

Trapezoidal bucket

Brush cutter

Frontal hitch

Retro quick hitch


Fork carrier board

And much more! Ask us all your needs.


We’ve a wide stock of attachments for excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders. Among all our products, we have immediate shipment of std. buckets, cleaning buckets, quick hitches, mixing buckets, sweepers…


More that 25 years selling all kind of attachments for machinery endorse us. Trough all this time, we’ve earned a really experienced commercial team that will asist you with any doubth or problem you may have.


We use the most innovative existing processes in the manufacture of all our products. This makes our attachments have higher quality than the rest.

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