1. The warranty period for parts supplied by IMOP, except as expressly determined on the invoice, is one year from the date of invoice, against factory defect.
  2. The warranty consists of the free replacement of parts intended to supply those that are defective, excluding parts subject to wear.
  3. The handling of serial numbers or labeling of the product shall be the cause of cancellation of the warranty.
  4. IMOP will not be responsible for damage caused by accidents, improper transportation, accidents, improper handling or unauthorized modifications of the product. In any of these cases the warranty will be void.
  5. Upon receipt of the material by the customer, we will not accept claim for damage to the material and/or its packaging that has not been duly indicated on the delivery note, and communicated to IMOP within 24 hours of receipt of the goods.
  6. No material will be credited after 15 days from the invoice date. For the realization of the credit memo the material must be in perfect conditions of sale (packaging, seals, labelling, etc.).
  7. In the case of processing of Return Authorizations of Goods from mounted equipment, only those that have been assembled by the specialized technicians of IMOP or sent by us will be admitted to the processing. Assembled equipment that has been purchased as “loose parts” or that has not been purchased from IMOP shall not be serviced. In this case the customer must process the defective part in a unique way, complying with the normal process of Return of Goods.

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