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The largest warehouse in Spain and Portugal

Spare Parts Hydraulic Hammers


We guarantee good performance and resistance.

High quality components

Manufactured with the best materials to optimize performance and durability.

Maximum durability

Our spare parts resist prolonged wear and tear, reducing frequent replacements.

Large stock for immediate delivery

Hydraulic Hammer Pointers

Superior performance

Designed to perform exceptionally, optimizing hammer performance.

Rugged design

Manufactured to withstand demanding jobs, increasing the useful life of the equipment.

Ideal for demanding jobs

Our pointers are able to withstand the toughest conditions.

Getco Brand

Complete Hydraulic Hammers

High efficiency

Our hammers offer optimum performance, saving time and resources.

Proven durability

Manufactured to withstand adverse conditions and extend equipment life.

Perfect for demolition tasks

Designed to meet the toughest challenges in public works.

Own brand, own personality

Rubber Chains

Exceptional traction

Our chains provide a firm and secure grip, improving machinery performance.

Insurmountable resistance

Designed to withstand prolonged wear and extreme conditions.

Versatile for various conditions

Adapted to perform optimally in various working conditions.


Certified quality with +30 years of experience

Implements for Machinery

Expanded functionalities

Improve the efficiency and versatility of your equipment with our attachments.

Superior quality accessories

Manufactured to the highest standards to ensure performance and durability.

Improves equipment efficiency

Our attachments increase the productivity of your machinery.

Running-in, wear and tear, final drives, etc.

Shooting and Others

Comprehensive maintenance

We help to keep your machinery in optimal conditions with our components.

Essential components

We provide the indispensable parts for the proper functioning of your equipment.

Optimize the operability of your machinery

Our components ensure that your machinery runs smoothly.

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