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6x1 buckets


The 6x1 Buckets offer the same load characteristics, but with greater capacities to perform excavation, demolition, grip (the rear jaw allows holding objects of irregular shape, such as trees or material to recycle) and leveling in a wide variety of applications. Better for construction, landscaping and demolition. In addition to this, the 6x1 includes pallet forks.

The IMOP Group offers a wide range of attachments for public works machinery that make your equipment much more versatile, making your investment profitable.

Our buckets are compatible with all the main machinery manufacturers. We offer a wide range of buckets and attachments tailored to your needs with a high level of quality and at the best prices in the market. They are manufactured with first quality materials, with alloy steel double layer which offers a great strength in the base and increases the rigidity and resistance to wear, ensuring a long life.

Retromatic top bracket

Cabezal LR MA 1 Cabezal LR MA 2

Retromatic Top Bracket for Tabe AGB-400 breaker. Click on the images to see them bigger.

We are technicians specialized in providing solutions to your needs.

Reinforced Screening Bucket

Reinforced Screening Bucket

Reinforced Screening Bucket for machines from 8 to 16 tons prepared for immediate delivery.

Very useful especially in the selection of demolition materials or in recycling of diverse materials.

Multiple uses, available for machines from 5 to 30 tons. With a capacity of 0.25 to 1.5 m3.

Final Drives

Stock Mandos Finales

The Final Drives play a crucial role in the transmission train of a machine by transferring power to the tires or chains while providing the speed, reduction and increase in torque.

Inside the final drives are the components and therefore hidden from view, making it easy to overlook their maintenance. However, this unit allows obtaining fewer faults, less downtime and better resale value of the machine.

IMOP Final Drives support incredible torque, high impact loads and frequent gear and direction changes. In fact, the final transmission is where the largest torque increase occurs. IMOP designs and manufactures its final transmission with these demands in mind.

In order to obtain the productivity and efficiency required, it is important to maximize the useful life of these components with proper management and maintenance.

To withstand torque and impact loading forces, the characteristics of the transmission are:

  • Designed to work and carry as a system for smooth and reliable operations
  • Manufactured and tested for a precise and consistent quality fit
  • Heat treatment for durability and long life in its specific application
  • Controlled manufacturing using high quality processes

Website in English

New language

Today is a great day for us: we are launching our website in English.

We have the constant goal of improving our service and being part of an inter connected and global professional world.

For more than twenty-five years we have been growing and improving our company culture accompanying the demands of the market and one of these demands is the challenge of reaching more people, more companies, without the language limit.

Today we celebrate our inclusion in the international professional world.